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Design & Installation

We understand that every Building, Show-room, Office or Residence is different to the need in its dimensions head absorption and thermo sensitive nature.

While working on a project leaves no stone unturned to make everything perfect with full responsiblity. Till now we have successfully completed all the projects on time. We are very fortunate that the people who are associated with Sahara cooling are very professional, qualified, talented and educated in their area. Be it our Engineers, Technicians, Supervisors, Designers, Project Manager etc.

With the help of our staff we have the experience of working on various kind of projects and machines like Chiller Plant, VRV System, Package Unit, Ductable Unit, Split Unit and many more.


Your Air Condition is valuable machine and should be maintained and regularly checked for performance.. Whenever a minor fault is not rectified on time it causes big damages leading to heavy expenditure and other losses. To overcome this we have an annual maintenance service for ac maintenance. Which covers periodic & breakdown service along with replacing / repairing of spares and compressor required during this period. We offer annual maintenance service for window ac, split ac, wall ac. We also offer ac renting service which includes ac maintenance service.

We at Sahara Cooling understand the need of our customers and hence with our team of expertise technicians provide quality service and ensure that business continuity is maintained. We believe in honesty and stand by our commitments.

Gas Charging / Refilling

Gas charging is not only gas filling its challenge for technician because Everyone can do gas filling but how should not everyone knows how to charge gas. Sahara cooling has the expert teams for only gas charging work of Split air-conditioning, cassette air-conditioning, Tower air-conditioning, portable air-conditioning, floor ceiling air-conditioning, Slim air-conditioning, Duct-able air-conditioning ,chiller plant and VRV system, We test machine two times before gas charging with Nitrogen pressure and soup water. And we are giving warranty of gas charging. we are giving this service in Multi-national companies.

Compressor Replace

The AC compressor has several moving parts (including pistons and valves). These internal parts canCompressor replacement fail, causing the AC compressor to stop working. It is common for the internal parts of the compressor to come apart and disperse metallic debris throughout the system. An AC system has many components: compressor, condenser, receiver dryer, evaporator, and hoses. The compressor, the “heart” of the air conditioning system works like a pump taking refrigerant.

Sahara cooling provide all types of compressor of all kinds machines any brand like- Cassette, Duct-able, Split, VRV, Chiller plant and Portable AC, Tower AC, floor ceiling AC and (PAC) precision air-conditioning. We replace compressor in 12 working hours.

AC Piping Work

We are offering Copper Pipe, Air Condition Pipe & Air Condition Tubes Your requirement copper pipe . All size 1/4, 1/2, 3/8, 5/8 copper pipe soft pipe in best rate. pipe installation with best quality and with perfectionist Air Conditioning Copper Tubes like Copper tubes for plumbing, copper tubes for refrigeration in full accordance with the appropriate product standards.

Customers specify our products when quality and performance count. Banking on the skills of our professionals, we are presenting a quality assured assortment of Conditioner Pipe. The Conditioner Pipe we offer is highly demanded amongst the clients for its safe use. These products are known for their reliability. Air-conditioning Hard PVC Plumbing grade drain piping.


Any type of air-conditioner repairing service Like Cassette AC, Duct-able AC, Chiller plant, VRV system, PAC (Precision Air-conditioning) AHU, FCU, Portable AC tower AC and floor ceiling AC of any brand.

In case of any breakdown call our team will attend the call within 4 Hrs. Our teams master in Compressor Replacement , Gas Leak Repair, N2 Tasting , gas charging R 22 R 410 R32 Blowers , Motor , CB Repair , Contactor , Cooling coil Repair, condenser repair, Capacitor , connector pinwale , swing motor , HP Switch , LP Switch , in site scanner , Rely , OLP, Fan belt , Pulley etc,

Sahara Deals With All Makes & Models

Perks of choosing us for your AC repair needs


Comprehensive repair solutions

We are well equipped to provide you with unparalleled repair services for your AC, irrespective of AC size, brand and condition. Our services are comprehensive and account for all necessary needs that a homeowner might have.


We have all necessary provisions ready at hand

Our crew never goes to your house unprepared and always keeps every tool, part or component that they might need in order to provide you with a quick and satisfactory resolution.


Highly affordable prices

The modern world is becoming costlier by the day and we do not want to add on to that stress. It is for this very reason that our Miami AC repair services come at affordable and competitive price ranges, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of a cool and relaxing home while not having to spend a fortune.


We do not compromise on quality

Be it the parts that we use on your AC or the professionals who are providing you with the service, we make sure to never compromise on quality. Our materials are obtained from the best sources and are of very high quality, while our professionals undergo rigorous training and are certified experts, who provide you with stellar services.

AC Repair Service in Bhubaneswar

AC Repair Service in Bhubaneswar

Sahara Cooling Systems - Domestic And Commercial AC Repairing in Bhubaneswar

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